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Calendar 0.7

I had a bit of extra time today so I did a first draft pass on the Customizing Calendar section, which is pretty short and straightforward. The only thing left, from a new writing perspective, is the Mail integration section, which I'll finish up tomorrow.

Download Calendar 0.7.


Calendar 0.6

Here's another update to the Calendar app. This version includes much of the "Outside the app" section, and I even took some screenshots for the new stuff, which should interest people. (That said, like all of the shots in here, they will all need to be replace at a later time.)

As before, I've just quickly written new content, with little in the way of other edits. Once the chapter is more or less complete (in the sense that I'll need to move on to other topics/chapters), I will try to spend some time cleaning things up.

Download Calendar 0.6.


Calendar 0.5

Another minor update. This time I added the Meetings section and some notes to the Outside the app and Customizing Calendar sections as a guide for wrapping this up. I'd like to finish this chapter by the end of the weekend if possible, and it's already taken longer than expected, and is longer than I expected. I think a week to 10 days per chapter is reasonable going forward.

As with the previous update, this one is probably very rough. I've not done any editing, sorry, nor added most feedback-related changes. (Sorry on that as well.) I've also stopped adding screenshots, mostly because it would distract me from writing, but also because they will all need to be retaken anyway.

I suspect the temporary end-game for this chapter will involve just putting it aside until we can really be sure nothing has changed in Windows Phone 8, and then of course eventually linking the appropriate bits to other parts of the book. It will get there.

Download Calendar 0.5.


Calendar 0.4

Here's another update to the Calendar chapter. I haven't done much editing per se--sometimes when you're writing, you just want to sort of blurt it out rather than go back and edit existing bits--but I will get to that, perhaps after the chapter is done. I also haven't gotten to most of your comments and feedback, sorry, but will do so soon.

This includes a small clean-up of the Facebook events section and a near-complete to-do section.

Download Calendar 0.4.


Calendar 0.3

An even smaller update. This one includes a section on Facebook events. 

Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I'll try to respond to all that on Tuesday and update the chapter where required.

Download Calendar 0.3.