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Security + Networking 0.4

Here is the fourth update to the Security + Networking chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update adds several new sections.

New sections added in this update include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Internet sharing, each of which has several sub-sections. I also started (but didn’t finish) the section about cellular data connections, and moved the Data Sense section to a new location.

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.

Download Security + Networking 0.4 (42 page PDF, 2.99 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.056 (527 page PDF, 32.8 MB)


Security + Networking 0.3

This is a minor update to the Security + Networking chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update includes two new sections and a correction to a previously-written section.

First, the mistake: As a number of readers pointed out, you can in fact use more than 4 digits for your lock screen PIN in Windows Phone 8, so I’ve corrected that. I’m also looking into adding information about more complex passwords if that’s supported by EAS. If so, I’ll write about that in the Business chapter.

New sections in this update include Data Sense and Airplane Mode. Nothing major.

Indeed, this is the first update in a week because of the general busyness of TechEd this past week. I’ll try to get more done over the weekend, but it’s fair to say that this chapter will likely evolve into a long one. (I wonder whether it should be split into two chapters—one on Security, one on Networking? We’ll see how it goes.)

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.

Download Security + Networking 0.3 (30 page PDF, 2.63 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.055 (515 page PDF, 31.8 MB)


Security + Networking 0.2

Here’s a second update to Security + Networking chapter. This update includes new sections on a handful of Windows Phone 8 security features.

New in this update are sections on lock screen PIN, Backup, and Phone Update, as well as a short intro bit for the Security section. So far it’s kind of an odd chapter in that each section is essentially a standalone feature (or setting), and they’re all somewhat disconnected. I’m not sure if it matters.

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.

Download Security + Networking 0.2 (23 page PDF, 1.95 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.054 (508 page PDF, 31.8 MB)


The Next Chapter, Security + Networking

Here is a very early peek at the next chapter in Windows Phone book, Security + Networking. This chapter focuses features in Windows Phone 8 such as lock screen PIN, Wallet, Kid’s Corner, Find My Phone, and various networking features.

In its current form, Chapter 17: Security + Networking has only one semi-complete section, about Wallet. (Well, it’s “complete.” Maybe “rough” is a better word.) The other security features I intend to cover include lock screen PIN, Kid’s Corner, and Find My Phone, while the networking topics will include cellular broadband, Data Sense, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet sharing, Airplane mode, and international phone use. I suspect more topics will arise as I continue working on the chapter, and if you have any thoughts about what those can/should be, please do let me know.

On that note, feedback is always appreciated, of course.

With the book finally hitting the 500 page mark, I decided to temporarily strip out the chapter placeholders (for chapters 1, 2, and 18) so that this document is representative only of what’s complete. I will of course add them back as those chapters are written.

Download Security + Networking 0.1 (14 page PDF, 1.57 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.053 (499 page PDF, 31.4 MB)


First Draft of Office + OneNote Chapter is Complete

The first draft of the Office + OneNote chapter in Windows Phone Book is now complete. This chapter focuses on the Office Mobile apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Mobile.

This is the fifth update to the chapter. New to this version is the OneNote Mobile section as well as a small bit about configuring Office on Windows Phone. OneNote Mobile is a bigger deal, of course, and unlike much of the book I added some cross-reference material about how things look/work in the desktop version of OneNote for comparison purposes, as well as bits about understanding OneNote and navigating the UI.

Feedback is always appreciated.

I’ll probably work on Chapter 17, Security + Networking next, but you never know how things will go.

Download Office + OneNote 0.5 (61 page PDF, 3.78 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.052 (489 page PDF, 30.3 MB)