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Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide 0.1

Here's the first (very, very rough) release of Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide. This document is a mess, by design: I've taken the latest version of the Windows Phone 8 Field Guide, chopped it up and left notes to myself to accommodate new and changed material. Only the first chapter, Before You Start, is "complete." The rest of it is a work in progress that doesn't reflect what you'll see in the latest version of Windows Phone.

I'm leaving this version of the document as-is rather than split off the chapter by itself for a few reasons, but mostly because I think some people may find it interesting. I continue to modify the TOC (table of contents) as I go, which is normal, and if you're really paying attention, you may notice a few changes since yesterday's post. (For example, the Podcasts chapter is now Podcasts + Radio.) There will be more changes. (Maybe Skype should just be its own chapter. Probably.)

In the future, I'll likely just provide standalone chapter downloads as required. It's just that Before You Start—which used to be called Getting Started and also included material that is now in the next chapter, Your New or Updated Phone—was so short and straightforward that it didn't seem necessary this time around.

It's unlikely that I'll work this through from front to back, and like the first edition I expect to jump around as the mood demands. The Cortana stuff—currently part of a chapter, but something that most likely will be split into its own chapter—will come later in the game, because I feel like this is something we all need more experience with. Some chapters will need to be completely reworked. Some (Office + OneNote), not so much.

The TOC has been removed for now. It's too early.

Until I get the paywall set up, I'll make these early releases public. Later, you will need to pay for the book to follow along. It will be cheap ($2), with a variable scale like Windows 8.1 Field Guide. I assume by this point everyone gets this is something I will follow through on and complete.

More soon.

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Great, I love your book <3

June 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterHoc Nguyen Triet

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